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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a group, Oakhill Luxury pays close attention to implementing CSR practices for all its brands. It is focused in particular in driving:

  • Philanthropic and charitable efforts
  • Environmental sustainability initiative
  • Ethical business practices
  • Economic responsibility initiatives


We are proud to support Il Nido Di Clo – translated to Clo’s Nest – an Italian organisation who protect and transform the lives of female victims of domestic abuse. To learn about Il Nido di Clo’ click here.


Sustainability and eco-friendliness are essential values for Schola Testori.

It’s not just because we only use pure natural and precious materials, but also every single aspect of our productions is followed by meticulous care – every step, even the most insignificant detail is essential to create a product that speaks to the heart and souls.

Gentle materials, as if their gentility had a positive impact on our mood. And also sustainability and extra care to avoid any waste, is everything well-controlled.

A few examples:

  • our internal packaging comes from recycled fabrics made from our rejected productions;
  • the whole dyeing process managed by an innovative dyeing mill, which is very attentive to waste and the recycling of water, through the use of non-polluting dye and respecting the environment.
  • our choice of working with local craftsman where our raw materials come from, like or Loungewear in Mongolia
  • Beauty and Fragrances are 100% Bio and only made with natural ingredients, because we love our planets and our customers
  • Silk filling products are handmade in line with the ancient craftsman tradition. These products are made in a specific area in China (Jiangsu province) from expert women who own the secret of this antique art.

We have the direct control of the whole supply chain for every single product, from the selection of the raw materials to the finishing process, high quality check, attention to details of packaging and delivery to customers.

We pay extreme care to the quality of our materials: silk, cotton, linen, bamboo and cashmere. We work only with 100% natural fibres.

We only use trustworthy manufacturers who pay great attention to quality, sustainability and environmental impact.