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Il Nido di Clo’ – Clo’s Nest

“Abuse is the weakest expression of strength. It is weakness to destroy what you ought to protect, build and make better.”  Kingsley Opuwari Manuel


Every year, countless women across the globe fall victim to domestic violence. A complex and painful situation to escape, abusive relationships involve a comprehensive imbalance of power and control. Leaving an abuser can be dangerous in itself, and for women deprived of a strong support network, women’s shelters can often be all that stands between them and their abuser – the only safe place in the world. Recognising the importance of these lifechanging safe houses, we at Schola Testori are proud to support Il Nido Di Clo – translated to Clo’s Nest – an Italian organisation who protect and transform the lives of female victims of domestic abuse.




Embodying the protective nature of ‘the nest’, Il Nido Di Clo’ is a safe and secure abode; a tranquil haven to look out and onto the world, while waiting for the perfect moment to take flight once again. The nest is a place of kindness and protection, a space where women of domestic violence can heal. Learning to rebuild self-esteem, regain confidence and restore inner strength, Il Nido Di Clo’ equips women with the right tools to restart their lives. Like our dear silkworm, cocooning in a silk embrace, these survivors will beautifully emerge. While abuse is often physical, the psychological harm and trauma can last long after the immediate danger has passed. Il Nido Di Clo’s expert services help women to free themselves from the unconscious conditionings which keep them imprisoned in their own minds.


Founded by Claudia Contesotto, an expert in educational, social and therapy-based work, Il Nido Di Clo’ operates on site through a network of dedicated volunteers. This nurturing sanctuary is located at the foot of the Cottian Alps, in a basin at the foot of the Monte Bracco and Monte Media. The historic farmhouse is surrounded by breath-taking land and is the ideal environment to safeguard stability, security and recreational training. Accommodating 4 women, the partner interventions and stay in the houses are of no cost to these survivors of violence.  




Il Nido Di Clo’ aims to repair women’s lives through psycho-physical recovery, social and socio-health care and training. From developing parenting skills, right through to learning new trades and skills, the nest provides women with the utensils to blossom in the external world. Being economically independent is an essential element in feeling a sense of security and liberation – feelings that are missing in abusive relationships. For this reason, we are working with Il Nido Di Clo’ to provide free sewing and pattern cutting classes. In a unique laboratory, these prospering women will use their new-found skills to delicately finish Schola Testori products thus, gaining employment and a new sense of financial independence.

Visit Il Nido Di Clo’s website to discover more about this unique and inspirational organisation


ST Editorial

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