Silk duvet

Silk embrace

Elevate your sleep experience with our sumptuous duvet made of countless overlapping layers of pure handmade silk.

From 295.20

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Ext: 100% Cotton 310tc – Filling: 100% Handmade Pure Silk





The filling is made of countless overlapping layers of pure silk perfectly sewn and fixed along the edges of the duvet. In this way the padding does not move and the silk is well-distributed on the whole surface of the duvet.

A 30 cm zip in the middle of one of the long sides allows you to see inside and touch the silk filling. Inside the zip you can easily see the Oeko-Tex certification and care instructions label.

All Schola Testori duvets are provided with 4 close buttonholes at its 4 corners and a pair of motherpearl cufflinks. You can easily overlap 2 silk duvets and put them together through the cufflinks so as to get a thicker silk duvet (eg. Silk Duvet 1 Petal for Summer + 2 Petals for Autumn = 3 petals for Winter).

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